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Hi there! This is a blog I set up impulsively, because I wanted one specific place to post my public domain works. Basically, I’ve always made a lot of game graphics and music that I’ve released into the public domain. I LOVE Creative Commons works and I very much appreciate when people share their works with others to help enable creativity of everybody, but I personally love to make things Public Domain and CopyFree.

Additionally, I also like utilizing works in the public domain (videos, characters, music, etc.) to remix and make my own new creations. So, I will also post links to my remixed works here as well.

I’ll clarify in blog posts, but as a general rule I am totally fine with you using my music for any purpose, even if you don’t credit me (I tend to not credit myself in my videos when I do the music!). I also do game art and same rule applies there! And if I post any unique characters in this blog, you can also expand upon them as you’d like.

I would love to see more creations and entertainment in the public domain world – or even, many different works using public domain characters, even if the derivatives are licensed more like CC-By or CC-By-NC. I just want to see lots of Free Culture works. 🙂




"You can post messages here now! :)"

-- RWSS, 2023-05-29

"eat potatoes every day"

-- dosmaen, 2023-05-31

MUC: The Magical University of Conjuring (Trans-inclusive Wizarding World)

MUC is a university for magical folk located in Raytown, Missouri. Although to a non-magical person there is nothing resembling a university in Raytown, those of a more magical persuasion know to seek entry past a charmed entryway behind the 350 Highway Taco Bell.

Example departments: FLYS (Flying sciences), FFC (Fauna and flora care), FAM (Familiars studies), NUM (Necromancy and Undead Management), CONJ (Conjuring), DIV (Divination), ENCH (Enchantment), POT (Potions), AST (Astro/logy/nomy).

Teaching Assistants

Magical graduate students who help instruct lessons in their respective areas. TAs make close to no money and therefore are always trying to get by with makeshift and substituted ingredients for their magic, to varying effect.


I made a little zine for KC Zine Con featuring this setting. (Readable | Printable)

I'm hoping to give out this zine for free at the con and maybe somebody will be interested in this kind of Open Culture project!

I grew up with HP too but I'm not so invested in the world that I'm going to keep supporting JK. Why don't WE create OUR OWN WORLD to expand and build off of??

I think that magic houses of various countries should be created by people who are of those countries. For example, I don't really know about British culture, so I'm going to be safe and probably build out a magical school in the midwest of the U.S. :p The UMKC of magic, as it were...

-- Rachel, Jan 2023

What about HP world is appealing?

  • Secret magical world within our own world (masquerade),
  • separate magic-based culture different from non-magical world culture,
  • wizarding schools around the world / wizards can be from any culture,
  • wish fulfillment of using magic and going on adventures,
  • wish fulfillment of being a normal kid then suddenly becoming famous and rich,
  • romanticization of boarding school and the culture fostered by those who live there,
  • silly names,
  • memorable instructors - including ones people thirst after,
  • cottage core aesthetic and victorian era shop aesthetic, "living in a castle is cool"
  • sportsball games to play,
  • subverting authority figures,
  • no internet, just letters via owl,
  • fantasy creatures,
  • witchy aesthetic,
  • people can turn into cats,
  • house based competition/points,
  • secrets in castle,
  • danger, mystery, challenges to overcome,
  • Original Character creatibility:
    • classifications of groups/cliques ("houses") with personality traits assigned,
    • any animal can be your pet (another "choose your own" customization thing),
    • patronuses (another "choose your own" custom thing per character),
  • Recognizable symbols (reference: The Consumerist Dystopia of Harry Potter
    • House scarves / robes
    • Sportsball snitch
    • "glasses and scar" main character able to logo-ize
    • Candy (jelly beans, choco frogs) and snacks (butter beer)

What do we not want?

  • TERFs
  • "Slavery is good, actually."
  • Anti-semitic bankers
  • Fat-phobia

I randomly drew these cute witches and actually really liked them. I don't know what to do with them, but they're here if anyone wants to use them for something.

Prismages: Magical girls, boys, and nonbinary folk

Prismages is a project to create a public domain set of magical people (inspired by magical girl / mahou shoujo manga/anime I loved growing up), with the intention of creating games and other media around them, but also providing a jumping off point for others to remix, add on to, or play around with the characters and concepts.

I may create my own “Prismage Universe” for my projects, but anyone else is totally free to switch things up however they see fit.

Ruby Melton

Amber Franklin

Goldi Kumar

Honeydew Lu

Skye Mohammad

Mauve Díaz


I have various files / assets available in a repository here: https://gitlab.com/RachelWilShaSingh/prismages-public-domain


None yet!

If you're working on something or have made something, please let me know! :) racheljmorris @ gmail . com


Jan 2023 - Adamaris, a friend of mine from FFXIV, drew the following!

Jan 2021 - I received some "fan art" from a Michael Beane! Check out their art:



I am so swamped with work. I've always wanted to make a Sailor Moon video game, but I don't want to make a fan game and get a cease-and-desist letter ;P

I drew some Prismages sprites tonight, but I don't have time right now to make an animated set of RPG-style sprites or whatever. :(

I like the name Prismages, so that’s the name I’m giving this group! And ofc as always you can remix as desired.

Just did a cover art page for a possible mini-zine using Ruby. Don’t really have an idea for a story for just 6 pages right now, though!

I also realized I had made the yellow magical girl the Asian one, which was completely accidental. I went ahead and swapped her colors with Kumar.

I’m working on drawing out the characters with proper skeletons ahead of time and making it so their clothes can be changed up for concept art.

Honestly dudes I’m bad at drawing lol. I practice.

So like, there’s a difference in body type between the magical girl styles and the newer drawings I’m making. I’m not trying to say that transforming into a magical girl makes you slimmer – that isn’t what I want. I’m just so so bad at drawing consistently, omgg. So maybe I’ll redo the magical girl designs and work really hard to get the skeletons right ahead of time once I’m done with these.

I thought of putting them all in the KC Metro area, with some of them going to local colleges or universities (MCCKC, JCCC, UMKC, KCAI, maybe KU) and then I don’t know what else. I also gave them proper surnames, I guess those Láadan words for colors can be used as part of their powers or something. I don’t like how similar the color names in Láadan are. 🙁

Drawing this set with the clothes on a separate layer makes me want to make Visual Novel art with them… Maybe I can make a Visual Novel witih RenPy later. 😛

And of course, feel free to remix and use whatever you want! I just want to see some more Creative Commons or Public Domain entertainment, or stuff we can all collaborate on together. 😛

I LOVE magical girls, but I’m always disappointed that I can’t make my own video games based on like… Magic Knight Rayearth or Sailor Moon. So, here’s an attempt at making a set of ~Public Domain Magical Girls~!

If you’d like to use these characters and put them in your own works, feel free. They are public domain, and you can utilize these designs for any reason.

I know I’m not the best artist, but it’s a starting point. 🙂

I’d like to design a gender-fluid magical girl, because if I were a magical person, I’d sometimes be the Tuxedo Mask and sometimes be the Sailor Moon (even though Jupiter is my favorite 🙂

(Note: Original surnames were based on the Láadan languages, but I changed it.)

Sailor Moon has zodiac signs, Magic Knight Rayearth uses elements (fire, water, air), and I don’t know what else. I don’t know what trope they can each be linked to. What do you think?


  • Gemstones
  • Flowers/plants
  • Just colors, dude
  • Animals
  • Programming languages, lol
  • Alchemy

I’d like to see other designs for characters. For example, Skye is very “sky blue”, and there could be a dark shade of blue. There could be a girl in silver, a girl in black, a girl in white, etc.

I might do some animated game sprites for these characters, so that if someone wanted to use ’em in a games medium that would be cool, too.!

Let me know if you want me to post your own works, or offshoots of these characters! Leave a comment or email me at Rachel@Moosader.com !